CAFE Foods


Perfect Formulation & Packaging Every time…on time!

We work diligently to mitigate risk, so you can of prepare and serve the perfect recipe…every time!

Fixed Price Projects

We constantly strive to give you a fixed price for a defined period of time. This way you can be assured of your profits!

Receive on time

Custom manufacturing is nothing if you can’t receive your products in a timely fashion. We are centrally located and have many transportation options available.

Fast work turnaround

Your satisfaction is our goal. Our team is responsive and works diligently to complete your projects.

Custom Food Manufacturing

Whether it’s dry or liquid…sweet or savory…retail or foodservice…CAFE Foods can manufacture it.

Custom Food Packaging

We’re capable of packaging in sizes from ~1 oz. to 2,000 lb. and every conceivable size in between. Tell us what sizes you need!

We are driven by values – M.E.L.

M.E.L. is an acronym that is the basis for the beginning of every discussion by all employees at CAFE Foods.

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